Our proposal suggests a Colorful Contemporary Fountain in addition and contrast to the existing classical decorative water features and statues of Alameda Central. The Park is considered one of the oldest public green spaces in Central America. Surrounded by important institutional buildings in the dense urban centre it provides much needed greenery and open space and is therefore a very well visited sight.

The installation “Fountastic”  is placed in close proximity to the Mural “Sueño de una tarde dominical en la Alameda Central“ by Diego Rivera and therefore stands in direct dialogue with its story.

Through the contemporary fountain the theme of play is implied to extend outside the borders of the park. Its translucent form, association with lightness and air, and therefore its obvious temporality, juxtaposes with the traditional nature of the stone basin and bronze sculptures. It reminds us of both the inflatable pools and castles of our childhood. It is a colorful enlarged toy displayed in a public square. The water features and balloons invite both adults and children, like the fountains in the park, into the multisensory engagement with the installation, through light and colors, through mirroring, refractions of sunlight and appearances of rainbows. The water itself will become enjoyable both through its sound, the mist of the fountain and its cooling effects. We imagine a dreamy Sunday afternoon in Alameda Central to be filled with play and joy. This is a place where civic discourse can happen in a fun and imaginative manner.