The project of the Saunatower in Zelenogorsk is a capriccio of wooden architecture. This is a guest house, a sauna, and a sculptural element of the private site. The appearance of the octagonal tower with a balcony refers to Gothic defensive architecture, but every detail of the building is designed to ironically “flirt” with wooden architecture.

The structure of the tower is a wooden framework made of laminated timber, the façade consists of 23 windows of different shapes, each floor of the building has a separate function. A lemon tree grows in the canter of the first floor, also there is a wardrobe and a changing room. On the second floor there is a bilevel living room with a stove and a kitchen. On the third floor there is a furnace and a toilet. On the fourth floor there is a steam room, a shower, a semi circular plunge pool and a balcony. On the fifth floor there is an outdoor jacuzzi.