The project includes revitalization of the territory near the entrance to the Europolis shopping mall in Moscow, the entrance group, as well as revitalization of the walkable roof of the shopping center. The shopping center is located in the industrial zone of Moscow, next to factories, large shopping malls and wholesale warehouses.

We are creating a pedestrian zone — 4800 m2 in total — in front of the entrance to the shopping center. We direct the flows of pedestrians, bicycles and scooters along wide stripes of aviation plates — emphasizing the industrial character of the territory. The main element of zoning is an ensemble of three canopies of corten modules in front of the building. Each of the canopy segments has a specific function: bus stop, swings sets and benches, parking for bicycles.

In addition, there is a green area with gravel paths, a playground and seatings for recreation on the site.