About Zvon Studio:

We create architecture and virtual worlds, do urban design and art installations.

At the basis of our approach towards architecture lies motivation to create spaces, which are perceived as poetic narratives. Our objects engage in dialogue with their users, dealing with a symbiosis of materials, lighting, colours and associations.

The poetics consists, for example, of textures and materials, the rhythm on the facade, the way an architect works in dialogue with contractors.

ZVON is also inspired by the concept of nomadic architecture. Nomadic existence challenges the profession of an architect (who is supposed to be attached to the place of living), and at the same time widens the range of possibilities for a poetic statement.
So, our projects contain elements of nomadic architecture and reflect on a multi-cultural and interdisciplinary background of ZVON members.

We are nomadic architects. Now we are scattered between, Munich, Yerevan, Tel Aviv, Belgrade and Bishkek.

Our mission - redefinition of the architect's profession. We constantly cooperate with musicians, artists and directors; at the junction of professions and spheres it is possible to create architecture which is relevant today, we believe.

Our work is always accompanied by field research: we carefully study the characteristics of communities and regions where our projects are realised.

We supervise our projects from concept development until the final stage of implementation.
It is important for us to see how the poetics of a sketch turns into the poetry of a space.
And we also like to solve unconventional tasks, because they are the best way to challenge ourselves.

Currently ZVON studio consists of:
Maria Kremer, Meruert Zharekesheva, Timur Abilov, Sonya Korotkova and Ruslan Sabirov.